Language policy regimes, new speakers and sociolinguistic ethnography

Special Edition in Language Policy

WG9 members are currently working together towards publishling a special edition on language policy and new speakerness to be submitted to Language Policy. Members, who met in Namur University March 2017, are writing individual or joint articles which will be internally reviewed before sending to the journal editors.

International Workshop

Language policy issues in ‘new speaker’ contexts – Critical ethnographic perspectives Namur, 16-17 March 2017

Fuelled by the work of Working Group 9 of the COST-Action on New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe this two-day workshop addresses the complex and multi-sited nature of language policy and planning processes in various ‘new speaker’ settings across Europe. During the workshop, the invited speakers will present papers from a range of different contexts (including historical minority languages, migration settings and transnational workplaces). Mainly rooted in critical ethnography the papers will help to clarify how language policy matters are dealt with by speakers ‘on the ground’ as well as by language policy and planning officers and other agents in managerial positions. The workshop will help the speakers to discuss and fine-tune the first draft of a paper for a special issue on language policy and new speakerness that will be submitted to Language Policy in the second half of 2017.

Organizers: Jeroen Darquennes (UNamur) & Josep Soler (Stockholm University)
Venue: UNamur Business & Learning Center, Room 03 (Rue Godefroid 5/7, B-5000 Namur)