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Proposals for STSMs from local investigators will be assessed for the contribution of the STSM to the Action’s objectives. STSMs can take place within a WG or across WGs.

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multiLanguage is a key component in accessing education, employment, social services and for community participation. It has also been seen historically in Europe as defining individual and collective identities. 

The processes whereby people learn new languages and become legitimate speakers of these languages are complex.

Through this Action the aim is to better understand the potential social tensions that emerge from unequal access to participation of new speakers in Europe’s multilingual projects.

These inequalities pose a potential challenge to European integration, social cohesion and economic collaboration, as well as to the full participation of territorial and immigrant minorities.

A shared understanding of these complexities across the different multilingual scenarios (including education, healthcare, youth culture, the workplace and NGOs) in which the participants of this network are working, will sharpen a knowledge of how to tackle the challenges that new speakers of different linguistic varieties face in the context of a multilingual Europe.

Dr Minna Suni

Immigrants as new speakers: Discussing and analysing ethnographic data

I plan to go to Spain from 19th October 2014 to 1st November 2014. My time will be divided between the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. I intend to spend five working days at each institution, strengthening my research networks and learning from experts in my field of study.

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