Third MC & WGs Meeting ('Vigo Meeting')

Third Management Committee and Working Groups Meeting

Thursday 23 & Friday 24 April 2015

Location: Sede Afundación Vigo, 24-26 Policarpo Sanz St. 36202, Vigo, Spain.

Local Organizer: Fernando Ramallo

The Third Round of Working Group Meetings of our COST Action will take place in Vigo on 23-24th April 2015. At this gathering, we will present the findings of our work over the past eighteen months of the project. During this time our three core Working Groups have examined the 'new speaker' concept and processes of new speakerness across three multilingual strands:

  1. Indigenous minorities
  2. New speakers in the contact of migration
  3. New speakers as (transnational)workers.

This meeting will bring Phase 1 of our project to a close. At our Vigo meeting we will explore cross-cutting theoretical themes and conceptualizations across the three different multilingual strands. A number of these themes will be taken forward and explored in more depth in Phase 2 of our Action.

23 April 2015

Registration starts at 9:00.

  • Plenary - Presentation and discussion of Position papers for WG1, WG2, WG3 and WG4. There will be 20 minutes for discussion after each presentation.
  • Plenary - Discussion of proposed workgroups
  • Round table on sign languages (Coordination by Carmen Cabeza Pereiro)
  • Round table on Galician New Speakers (Coordination by Fernando Ramallo)

24 April 2015

  • Drafting of WG proposals. Teams create draft proposals for WG topics and activities for discussion in the MC.
  • Steering committee. The committee will briefly discuss the substance of the proposals to be passed on to the MC.
  • Management committee - Presentation of WG5 conclusions and decision on new WGs.


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