Globalization, mobility and citizenship: researching ‘new speakers’ of Welsh

Researching ‘new speakers’ of Welsh

Location: WISERD Annual Conference, Cardiff University

Date: Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Convenor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Director of Language Policy and Research, IAITH: Welsh Centre for Language Planning) 

The members of this workshop are involved in the EU funded COST Action: NEW SPEAKERS IN A MULTILINGUAL EUROPE: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES.

The aim of this COST Action is to bring multilingual individuals into the focus of contemporary processes of globalization, mobility and transnational networking by investigating the challenges and opportunities involved in acquiring, using and being understood as a “new speaker” (O’Rourke and Pujolar, 2013) of a language in the context of a multilingual Europe.

New speakers, from this perspective, are all multilingual citizens who, by engaging with languages other than their “native” or “national” language(s), need to cross existing social boundaries, re-evaluate their own levels of linguistic competence and creatively (re)structure their social practices to adapt to new and overlapping linguistic spaces.

This bilingually run workshop brings together Welsh and international scholars who are researching new speakers of Welsh in the context of a multilingual Wales and Europe.

The intention in organising this workshop is to provide an opportunity to take a close look at the data being collected in a range of new and recently completed research projects involving adults, children and young people of various ethnic origins. The aim will be to share data and in so doing discuss:

  • emerging theoretical and analytical concepts; 

  • developing new methodologies for researching the new communicative order; 

  • implications for policy makers and practitioners at Welsh and EU level; 

  • developing new ways of integrating new speakers in minority language contexts; 

  • ideas for further research. 


O’Rourke, B. & Pujolar, J. (2013) “From native speakers to 'new speakers' – problematizing nativeness in language revitalization contexts”, Histoire Épistémologie Langage 35 (2) 47- 67. 

The workshop participants include:

  • Gwennan Higham (Cardiff University)
  • Michael Hornsby (Adam Mickiewicz University)
  • Kathryn Jones (IAITH: Welsh Centre for Language Planning) Chair
  • Janet Laugharne (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
  • Steve Morris (Swansea University) Sion Aled Owen (Bangor University)
  • Karolina Rosiak (Adam Mickiewicz University)
  • Eileen Tilley (Bangor University)
Dick Vigers (University of Southampton)

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