First Whole Action Conference, MC & WGs Meetings ('Barcelona Meeting')

New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges

20-22 November 2014, Barcelona


Programme Call for papers Book of Abstracts

Thursday, 20 November 

Xavier Vila (Universitat de Barcelona)

Isidor Marí (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Institut d’Estudis Catalans)

De la sociolingüística del conflicte a la sociolingüística del multilingüisme: visions passades, presents i futures del contacte de llengües. / From conflict sociolinguistics to the sociolinguistics of multilingualism: past present and future paradigms.

This session is open to the public and organized in collaboration with the Catalan Society of Sociolinguistics (SOCS). It will be chaired by Elvira Riera (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). Simulatenous translation from Catalan to English will be provided.

Workgroup 1: New speakers of minority languages

  • Panel 1: Practices and new speakers of minority languages (convenors: Noel Ó Murchadha and Mairéad Moriarty). Abstract.
  • Panel 2: Ideologies and new speakers of minority languages (convenors: Cassie Smith-Christmas and Michael Hornsby). Abstract.

Workgroup 2: Immigrants

  • Panel 3: Linguistic and migratory trajectories (convenors: Maite Puigdevall and Puigdevall and Claudia V. Angelelli). Abstract. 
  • Panel 4: Language and practices of speakerness (convenors: Jürgen Jaspers and Lian Malai Madsen; discussant: Max Spotti). Abstract.

Workgroup 3: New speakers as workers

Panel 5: New speakers in the multilingual workplace: legitimacy, resources, and authentication (convenors: Sara Brennan, Kiran Summan, Heiko Marten and Lotte Thissen). Abstract.

Workgroup 4: Methods and concepts

Round table: The circulation of social categories in social life and academic research (convenors: Ane Ortega and Esti Amorrortu).

Workgroup 5: Dissemination and impact

Panel 6: Stakeholder panel (convenors: Esti Amorrortu and Sarah Compton).

Friday, 21 November

Jacqueline Urla (University of Massachusetts)

This session is open to the public and organized in collaboration with the "Fundació la Caixa" within the program "Internationalization at home."