Language policy regimes, new speakers and sociolinguistic ethnography

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Against the background of recent language policy literature that stresses the multi-sited nature of language policy, WG9 intends to shed light on the state of the art of research on the role of different sorts of actors (authorities, stakeholders), horizontally or vertically aligned, in language policy activities that involve new speakers in different geographical, social and political spaces. WG9 brings together a heterogeneous group of scholars working on a different range of topics and areas, including but not limited to: historical and immigrant language minority settings; migrant groups in diverse populations; language matters at the workplace; settings involving sign language users; virtual language environments. The research activities of WG9 members aim at critically analyzing and reflecting on methodological and theoretical concepts that may illuminate the role and the interaction of actors in the cyclical process of language policy in specific language policy regimes involving new speakers.

WG9 Committee:
Josep Soler (WG Leader)
Jeroen Darquennes (WG Leader)
Gwennan Higham (Communications Officer)