The main aim  of the Action is to bring into focus the challenges and opportunities involved in acquiring, using and being understood as a “new speaker” of a language in the context of a multilingual Europe.

The objectives of the Action respond to the interests of both researchers and stakeholders:

Researcher-specific objectives:

  • To coordinate a cross-case analysis of new speaker profiles within and across three multilingual strands and to identify common themes and theoretical frameworks across this disciplinary spectrum.
  • To produce a special issue in an academic journal and an edited book addressing conceptual and theoretical commonalities across the three multilingual strands
  • To develop a set of research questions and basic work plan for an international research project which will be used in future applications for funding.
  • To develop a typology of new speaker profiles in the context of a multilingual Europe.

Stakeholder-specific objectives:

  • To identify thematic areas of knowledge for which sufficient evidence exists to make immediate policy and practice recommendations, and that which requires further research
  • To produce guidelines to assist stake holders in the successful management and development of linguistic diversity in regional minority and immigrant contexts, integration services and in multilingual corporate contexts
  • To produce guidelines on adopting new languages for dissemination to the general public.
  • Design a large-scale practitioner and policy dissemination programme including publications, web-sites and seminars, workshops and other events. Perform and evaluate at least one such Action (to be decided amongst researchers and stakeholders).
  • To produce a research framework that is made accessible to the European Commission’s Directorate-General of Multilingualism to guide future investment decisions in the European Research Area