Memorandum of understanding for the implementation of a European Concerted Research Action designated as COST Action IS1306: New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges - Memorandum - Brussels, 24 May 2013


List of STSM holders and their outputs - Summary

STSM Recipients and project descriptions - Overview




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Final Whole Action Conference,14-16 September, Coimbra

Working Group Reports

  • Working Group 1: Phase 1 - Research themes and profiles related to new speakers of indigenous minority languages - Report
  • Working Group 2: Phase 1 - Language and Migration - Report
  • Working Group 3: Phase 1 - Workers as new speakers - Report
  • Working Group 4: Phase 1 - Concepts and Methods - Report and Presentation
  • Working Group 5: Phase 1 - Emerging findings and recommendations for non-academic audiences - Report
  • Working Group 6: Final report - Knowledge transfer and training activities Final report (by Sviatlana Karpava)
  • Working Group 7: Phase 2 - Multilingual competence and new speaker varieties Report  (by Ane Ortega & Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic)
  • Working Group 8: Phase 2 - Speakerness: Subjectivities, Trajectories, Spaces - Report (by Maite Puigdevall & John Walsh)
  • Working Group 9: Phase 2 - Language policy regimes, new speakers and sociolinguistic ethnography - Report (by Josep Soler and Jeroen Darquennes)
  • Working Group 10: Phase 2 - Legitimisation and Power - Report  (by James Costa and Alfonso Del Percio)

Training School, June 2017, Barcelona:

New Speakers in Latvia: Language Education Policy for Integration and Peace, 10 April 2017, Riga, Report (by Sanita Lazdiņa and Heiko F. Marten)

Workshop: New speakers in minority diasporic contexts: life trajectories and mudes, 25-26 January, Universität Bremen - Event Report  (by Carolin Patzelt & Facundo Reyna Muniain) 

‘New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: A Transdisciplinary View from Cyprus’, 31 January 2017, University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus - Event report (by Sviatlana Karpava)


Workshop: Bilingual Child Migrants in a Multilingual Europe, 16-17 November 2016,University of Warsaw, Poland - Event Report (by Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic) 

Supporting ‘new speakers’: Building Irish Language Networks and Communities outside the Gaeltacht, Friday 14th October 2016, Trinity College, Dublin - Event report (by John Walsh and Bernadette O'Rourke)

The Celtic Sociolinguistics Symposium, 13-14th September 2016, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - Event Report (by Noel Ó Murchadha)

MultiLing Summer School: Narrative, discourse and interaction, 5-9 September 2016, University of Oslo - Event reports

The phonetics & phonology of new speaker varieties across the lifespan, 11 July 2016, University College London - Event Report (by Bronwen G. Evans & Gisela Tomé Lourido)

New Speaker Workshop at the Sociolinguistics Summer School 7,  22 June 2016 Université de Lyon - Event Report

Language Teaching New plurilingual pathways for integration: Immigrants and language learning in the 21st Century, 27th May 2016, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh - Event Report (by Nicola Bermingham and Gwennan Higham)

“Migration and Asylum” Round Table, 12-14 May 2016 - Universität Hamburg, Germany - Event Report

Research meeting: “New Speakers' of Russian: Evidence from Russian-speaking mothers from Sweden, Estonia and Cyprus”, 9-11 March 2016, Stockholm University -Event Report

 'New Speakers' of Russian: Evidence from Russian-speaking mothers from Sweden, Estonia and Cyprus, 10 March 2016, Frescati, Stockholm - Event Report (Natalia Ringblom, Anastassia Zabrodskaja and Sviatlana Karpava)

Language and Governmentality Workshop 3-4 March, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris - Event Report (by James Costa and Alfonso Del Percio)


Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Perspectives on New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe, 19-20 October, Cyprus - Event Report

Spanish in Society, 28th and 29th May 2015, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh - Event report 

New Speakers in the Celtic Speaking World, June 24th – 26th 2015, University College Dublin - Event report (by Noel Ó Murchadha, Bettina Migge & Máire Ní Chiosáin)

Older reports

Interaction and Society (with EDiSo) Reports:

Conceptualisations of new speakerness in the case of indigenous minority languages, University of Oslo, September 2014, Report by Dr. John Walsh, National University of Ireland, Galway, Dr. Pia Lane.

Programme of First Round of Working Group Meetings (Bernadette O'Rourke, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, March 2014)

Books of abstracts


2nd International Symposium  on New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Challenges and opportunities, Barcelona

Book of abstracts

First Round of Working Group Meetings, Edinburgh

Book of Abstracts