Dr Minna Suni

Immigrants as new speakers: Discussing and analysing ethnographic data

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Ms Nicola Bermingham,Heriot-Watt University,Edinburgh(UK) , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


014-10-19 to 2014-11-01


Luisa Martín Rojo / Joan Pujolar,Universidad Autónoma de Madrid / Universitat Oberta de Catalunya,Madrid / Barcelona(ES)

I plan to go to Spain from 19th October 2014 to 1st November 2014. My time will be divided between the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. I intend to spend five working days at each institution, strengthening my research networks and learning from experts in my field of study.

In Madrid I hope to work alongside Prof. Luisa Martín Rojo. Prof. Rojo specialises in sociolinguistics. Prof. Martín Rojo has carried out extensive ethnographic work on migrants in the Spanish education system. During my stay I hope to discuss my PhD research on immigrant ‘new speakers’ in the Galician school system. I have just completed the data collection phase of my PhD, therefore I am interested in discussing approaches to data analysis. Dr. Martín Rojo has invited me to work with her research groups to engage in theoretical as well as data-centred discussion.

In Barcelona I hope to work with Dr. Joan Pujolar who has experience conducting research on immigrants. Dr. Pujolar has expressed interest in my project, especially discussing the field work that I completed in June 2014. We hope to organise a seminar at the UOC to exchange ideas and findings on the work we have been doing on ‘new speakers’. Furthermore, I hope to work with Ms. Tulay Caglitutuncigil Martinez whose PhD is being supervised by Dr. Pujolar and with whom I have many common research interests. Ms. Martinez and I hope to work towards publishing material together based on immigrant ‘new speakers’.