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Producing narratives

Producing narratives

The COST New Speakers Network provided me with an opportunity to participate in the short term scientific mission at the Centre for General Linguistics in Berlin.

I thank Dr Natalia Gagarina (Centre for General Linguistics in Berlin, Germany) and Dr Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic (University of Warsaw, Poland) in particular for their invitation and collaboration on the project.

I have benefited a lot from my visit to the research centre in Berlin.

Working under the guidance of and in collaboration with Natalia and Agnieszka was a great experience for me - I had a chance to access and acquire new knowledge in terms of theories, concepts and methods, to gain and share research expertise.

On the basis of the theoretical model of story grammar with its two crucial components, story structure and story complexity, we aimed to compose a draft of the assessment instrument for narrative abilities of adolescent new speakers with the long-term goal creating a tool to evaluate their dual language competence.

During the seven-day period of the STSM we discussed the models of elicitation procedure, comprehension and production of narratives, telling and retelling, data collection and standardization procedures of the tool, for evaluation, intervention and research purposes.

We defined the main stages of our project and the ways of its implementation.

Narratives are essential for education, future employment and for being a legitimate part of the community.

Assessment of language competence and performance of multilingual children, adolescents and adult immigrants in each of their languages (L1 and adopted languages), with a focus on their social identities and practices, linguistic spaces and integration into host society, can help to promote multilingual and multicultural societies, linguistic diversity and equal opportunities, integration, social cohesion and economic collaboration and elimination of socioeconomic hierarchies and inequalities, discrimination and exclusion.

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